Our efforts to continue to fund school breakfasts are ongoing. We are still accepting donations to continue to provide nourishment through this coming school year. Please click the photo opposite to see how we are providing school breakfast and for an opportunity to help feed a hungry mind through the coming school year.

Build a bridge of compassion, understanding and knowledge..... 

We are partnering with Terrell Green to bring play-writing workshops to a network of schools in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. To learn more about the project and to help us to support this wonderful opportunity for learning please to our fundraising campaign page here.

We are planning to spend a week in late October working with a local partner to bring playwriting workshops to primary schools across St. Elizabeth. This is a wonderful opportunity for creative growth for the students, and Terrell has generously volunteered his time and expertise pro bono. Please help us to help him to make his way down to Jamaica to share his knowledge with a new generation.